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About US

Welcome To S.M.E.A.R.E.D Campaign

You may or may not be familiar with the phrase “smear campaign”. If you are not, here are a few definitions of it:

-a plan to discredit a public figure or any person by making false or dubious accusations*

-an effort to damage or call into question someone's reputation by propounding negative propaganda**

-making false claims and lies to hurt and damage someone's character and/or reputation

As offensive as this phrase is, we wanted to turn it into something better. Therefore, this company is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what a “smear campaign” represents.

The Story

S.M.E.A.R.E.D Campaign was started by two sisters who knew all too well the effects of bullying and character damaging on both sides.  Dawn, an educator and administrator within the school system, has seen the effects of what bullying does to children and teens.  Robin, a victim of bullying as a child and cyber bullying and character damage as an adult, went through tough times dealing with anxiety and depression as a result. Together, they knew that something had to be done to help themselves and others that were going through the same things.


The sisters realized that even when people claimed that words didn't matter to them, they actually did.  Whatever was spoken to or from someone is what made a difference.  Dawn knew that to help her students,  she needed to speak positivity and encouragement to them. Robin on the flip side needed to hear these things in order to work through her depression. So why not practice this principal all the time?! This point lead Dawn and Robin to use the word “smeared'” as an acronym for our mission of Speaking More Encouragement and Respecting Everyone Daily!

Thus born, S.M.E.A.R.E.D Campaign.

What we want to accomplish:

-We would like to create a positive environment for anyone who has ever dealt with or is currently dealing with any type of bullying or character smearing

-to have you remember/recall who you are in Christ

-to focus on what God's word says about you and not what people say about you

We hope you find comfort here and in God's Word.  Together, we can get through anything!




Dawn & Robin

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."

Robert H. Schuller

Our Mission

It's not about what people say about you, it's only about what God's Word says about you.


Our Vision

Our core purpose and focus is to help victims of bullying tap into their inner strengths, overcome their battles and come out on top with self awareness, confidence and purpose.  We also want to see teen and adult suicide rates decline and more people stepping up for the cause. 

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