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Ways To Respond If...

YOU are being bullied, cyber bullied or character smeared, please remember that help is all around you.

  • Do not stay quiet about it; Speak up!

  • Let a parent, teacher, pastor, counselor etc, or someone you trust know what is going on. 

  • Keep a log/screenshots of incidents so you can provide accurate information about what is happening to you and when.

  • Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself!

  • Always remember who you are in Christ! 

  • Never let the negative comments or words become who you are.  Stay true to YOURSELF.

SOMEONE YOU KNOW is being bullied, cyber bullied or character smeared, please know that you can help as well!

  • Do not just be a bystander.

  • Speak up and alert someone

  • Do not record or taunt the situation to make things worse.

  • If you do record a situation, ONLY use it to help the person in need and not to embarrass or spread around.

  • Encourage the person being bullied to seek help or talk to someone.

  • Encourage them, let them know they have a friend in YOU

  • You may be that person's only source for help.

  • PRAY for those involved